Thursday, 20 November 2014

German Visitor

Just a short post today as I am very soon off to the airport to pick up my boyfriend who I haven't seen for 5 months! He's flown all the way from Germany and is here for a whole 12 days. It feels really strange that this moment is suddenly upon me - I've been looking forward to it for so long it almost feels like a dream that I'm actually going to see him in the flesh in exactly two hours time. I've been envisaging 'Love Actually'-esque airport reunion scenes in my head all day.

We'll be flying off to Cusco on Saturday to spend a few days climbing Machu Picchu, which of course is a must-see for anyone visiting Peru. Unfortunately, I woke up the day after Halloween minus a smartphone, so now we will have only one camera between us (I'm hoping he's remembered his!). Because it goes without saying, I need the obligatory 'standing-on-top-of-machu-picchu-with-my-arms-wide-open' snap. I'd be devastated if I didn't get that.


  1. During my 30h journey from Germany to Peru I also imagined this kind of airport reunion a 100 times! Not quite sure yet why instead of 'Love Actually'-esque it felt more like getting a kiss from Margaret Thatcher!? :-p XXX

  2. Well I can't comment on Thatcher's kissing skills obviously, but I can say that once we had stopped being jostled by the crazy crowds, your second one more than made up for the bad first impression. Also, I think it's time you got over it :P xxx