Thursday, 17 July 2014

Tuesday 15th July - ¡Hola Señorita!

So, today my housemates, Mariah and Marie, and I finished our 10 hour day before heading out the office door for our date with Peruvian hunk Moises (and by date, I mean Spanish lesson, and by Peruvian hunk Moises, I mean our lovely, smiley, middle-aged Spanish teacher with oodles of patience and very little English). But, lovely as he is, he is also a liar - after insisting numerous times during our first lesson that Spanish is easy, I'm still yet to progress from 'Me llamo Jessica'. The overwhelming urge to launch into German whenever he asks me a question in Spanish (which, at the moment, I'm only understanding after A LOT of pointing, hand gestures, and contorted facial expressions) is something I´m still struggling with. However, onwards and upwards, as they say - by the end of my time here I am hoping for a level of fluency to rival my English.

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