Friday, 29 August 2014

Things I Love About Peru

Just a short post today as I have to pack and get my bus for my weekend trip to Ica, which is about 5 hours away (so excited!). However, I do have just about enough time to share some quick impressions of Peru so far. Having now lived here for two months, there are obviously a lot of positives and negatives that have come to my attention (as there would be with any place I guess), but today I'm going to focus just on the positive aspects. So, a few things I like about Peru:

  • You can spend the equivalent of £2 on phone credit and it will last for seven weeks, with some to spare (although it does have to be said, my little Peruvian brick that I bought here is normally only used for  practical rather than recreational purposes, but still - two pounds!!!).

  • £20 will buy a grocery shop for two weeks.

  • If you're willing to forego five star luxury, travelling around the country in buses and coaches is super cheap.

  • The traditional Peruvian obsession with colour - I'm a massive colour geek and not everyone agrees with me but in my opinion the more colours the better. Don't expect subtle magnolia hues here. Somehow they find all the colours on the spectrum, throw them altogether in a haphazard fashion, and make it look elegant and classy.

  • The street food. I've been warned not to eat it, but I have, and I love it. The chicken empanadas with lime are seriously to die for.

This is far from an exhaustive list, but just a few of reasons why I think Peru is such a great place for people on any budget to explore. 

Off to Ica now. Adios!

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