Friday, 3 October 2014

Clubbing and Cakes

Having spent the week toiling away informing the world about the perils of menopause, I was looking forward to letting my hair down last weekend, and the activities of choice were clubbing and eating cupcakes.

I had been looking forward all week to the Festival Del Cupcake that was held over the weekend, and had spent my working days dreaming about all the gorgeous delicacies that would be on offer. However, my timing could not have been more off.

Festival Del Cupcake

At about midday I set off on foot to find this festival, which seemed to be in quite an out of the way place, and 45 minutes later I finally arrived (feeling I had definitely earned a cake or two!). The sweets that were on offer looked gorgeous, but I must say - the fest was a lot smaller than I had been expecting. It also seemed I had managed to arrive just after they had set up. As a result - hardly anyone was there. After walking around a few times, eating some free samples, and buying a 'trifle'-type dessert consisting of layers of jelly, crumbled chocolate brownie, and cream, I left, feeling remorseful that I had not waited until the late afternoon.


However, my sadness was soon abated as I put on my dancing shoes that evening and headed to Mokka Disco in Miraflores for its 6-month 'anniversary'. Fortunately one of the girls we were with knew a worker, who let us all in for free. To add to the excitement, upon entering, we were given a glass of champagne and then had to pose with a cake for an 'official' picture before going into the packed main area.

Posing with a cake

I think luck must have been on our side that night because, after a few hours of dancing, my housemates and I ran into our Peruvian friend we had made during our first week, who happens to work as a club promoter. Pretty soon we were in the VIP area sipping yet more free drinks. Wasn't a bad night at all!

Dancing the night away

And then this week I was reluctant for the fun to end, so I have bought myself an earlybird ticket for the 'Life of Color' paint party which is coming to Lima this December (by happy coincidence just a day after my birthday), and have booked a trip to the jungle for the end of this month. In the words of Chandler Bing: Could life BE more exciting?!

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